Whats a good metal detector?

Whats a good metal detector?

There are lots of great models to pick from for the type of hunting you would like to do. Whites, Minelab, Fisher, Tesoro, Teknetics and Garrett all have models which will work for you but some work better than others determined by the sort of things you plan to hunt for. Some are better at locating relics while some are great for coin hunting

A larger coil may seem like it would be ideal for you in fields and the woods as you will be able discover the objectives that are deeper and to cover more area but occasionally bigger is not always better. There’ll be times when a coil that is tiny is just the ticket to finding relics concealing or those coins between the trash.

I use a Fisher F75 with an 11″ coil for most of my coin hunting but I also have a 4 x 6 1/2″ and a 5″ coil for those scenarios that require it and believe me, there is a lot of spots I hit that are made merely for a coil that size.

When a dime sized object is lying between rusted bottle caps, aluminum foil and pull tabs there may be 5 or more goals under that large coil at any one time which no sensor can assess right. That is where the smaller coils actually come through.

Stop in at the forums you’ll locate online and you’ll find a load of valuable info in your neighborhood, group hunts, locate a hunting partner, etc…

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